Brussels, 15.06.2021, Ex-Fourcast founders launch Nessie, the martech startup to revolutionize marketing personalization

The Ex-founders of Fourcast, the award-winning Premier Google Cloud partner (acquired by Devoteam in September 2020) set out to revolutionize the Customer Data Platform (CDP) market with their no-code SaaS solution. Nessie was built to make AI-based marketing personalization accessible to all and to overcome the increasing need for a user-friendly CDP. The solution enables marketers to unify all customer data without requiring heavy technical skills to manage it.

The founders Valon Rexhepi, Niels Buekers and Jeremy Bonnevalle appointed Mario Rodriguez Gazilia as CEO.

The Brussels-based startup bridges the gap between marketing and data science and helps companies make the most of the customer data already on their hands. The solution supplements and enhances the complete marketing toolstack, addressing problems such as siloed teams, the lack of accessibility to valuable data held in multiple tools spread across the organization, the shortage of technical knowledge to manage a Customer Data Platform and the difficulty to activate data in marketing campaigns.

The technology enables a complete view of first-party data of every single customer, aggregated in one place. Its AI-based recommendation engine ensures each customer can be targeted with highly personal advertising, relevant to them, using the data they have shared. Nessie sets out to support the full customer journey with features dedicated to predict and prevent customer churn and optimize remarketing spend.

The CEO, Mario Rodriguez Gaziglia, claims that “there has never been a better time to focus on existing first-party data, with the upcoming disappearance of third-party cookies - companies need to adapt how they capture their audiences and start making the most of their existing data, spread out across different marketing tools in a privacy compliant environment”.

Nessie’s solution leverages Google Cloud technologies, in which it has gained strong expertise via Devoteam G Cloud. Google Cloud allows Nessie to handle petabyte-scale databases and leverage Google-powered AI. After having operated under the radar and focusing on building a strong tech foundation for over 1 year, Nessie is ready to enter the market and help european companies put data into action. Nessie’s ambition for the next months is to achieve multi cloud and on-premise compatibility.