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Integrate all the data you could possibly need into your existing marketing stack

1. Connect your stack

Connecting the dots has never been easier. Simply plug your favourite marketing solutions to Nessie. Our technology automatically transforms your data into a uniform format, regardless which solutions you use. Start recognizing the individuality in each one of your customers.
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2. Unlock a new level of user insights

From opened emails to in-store purchases, Nessie provides you with a no-code data lake in a few clicks.

Collaborate on the same Single Customer View with data scientists and engineers. Enrich it as needed with data from various sources such as Google Sheets or BigQuery tables.

Plug your data to your BI tool effortlessly. Say goodbye to headaches from trying to understand complex data and start asking the questions you could not get answers for. Find out more

3. Create engaging customer experiences

Say hello to seamless cross-channel communication with the help of data unification. Thanks to our Product Recommendation Engine, show your customers what they're literally looking for and are happy to see in your offer. Discover our user tagging feature →

4. Let your revenue grow 🚀

Use data to improve your customer retention and identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Create long-lasting customer relationships and watch your business scale. Find out more →

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More returning customers
More revenue with personalized ads
Coding days saved
Increase in remarketing spend efficiency

Collect and reuse customer data from any tool

Why limit yourself to web and mobile apps for customer data, if you can connect your full marketing stack for consistent omnichannel experiences?

Give your customer the individual approach they deserve

Data Sources

We transform your data into a uniform format, no matter which solution it came from. Make the most of your audience data with 100+ possible integrations.

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Data Management

Connect uniform and clean data to your preferred BI solution.

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Track customer journeys and send valuable data about consumer behaviour back to your stack. Create campaigns your audiences really want to see.

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Sarah Lin
Marketer at AB InBev

Nessie is a lifesaver! We've never had such a response to our campaigns in the past! We've attracted many new customers with the personalized approach and the integration process was super simple.

Josh Stevens
Founder of CourseApp

Softbit is the ultimate analytics tool for every company that's serious about maximizing their website's traffic and click-through-rate.

Andrew Young

You can tell that SoftBit is the best analytics tool after using it for a few minutes. I absolutely love the intuitive and clean dashboard.

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Improve retention before it's too late. Integrate your customer data to identify churn risks. Set up custom churn prediction values and personalize the communication with potential churners

360 Customer View and insights

Gain a 360 view of your customers with an integrated dashboard. Use custom insights and audiences to optimize your media and remarketing spend