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The proof is in the data.

With 100+ possible integrations and unsampled Google Analytics connectors, you can transform your data into a uniform format, no matter which solution it came from. Don't let siloed systems hold you back from making the most of your audience data.


Gain a complete view of the entire customer journey thanks to Nessie's out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular marketing solutions.

Automatically transform data from all sources into a readable format. Conducting analysis doesn't get easier than this. Change your marketing solutions seamlessly in the process without worry about the impact on your data.

Custom imports

Whether it's a complex calculation from your data science team or a custom audience built by your marketers, you can sync your custom user data with Nessie for BI or personalization purposes. Nessie supports both Google Sheet and BigQuery tables.

Google Analytics plugin

Get the most of your Google Analytics account. Our easy-to-install plugin (GTM compatible) sends all Google Analytics interactions to Nessie, without sampling.

Data Management & Enrichment

Automated personalization

All the data at your fingertips.

Manage and enrich your user data without engineering or data science skills. Build your dashboards on top of cleaned data. Automate personalized product recommendations based on your customers' needs and likes.

No-code data lake

Build your marketing data lake in minutes instead of months. Nessie takes care of all the technical steps of creating a data lake by providing ready-to-use BigQuery tables. Hosting, maintainance and updates included.

User unification

Effortlessly consolidate all interactions in a Single Customer View. Nessie stitches all the identifiers such as email addresses, phone numbers, device ids and cookies ids  across all your platforms.

Integrate with BI

Because Nessie is relying on Google BigQuery, you can easily connect your data to the most popular BI solutions such as Tableau, Looker, Power BI or Data Studio.

Data cleansing

Don't miss an opportunity because of an invalid phone number or because of a white space in an email address. The repetitive and complex task of cleaning your data now belongs to the past. Nessie automatically validates, parses and properly formats user data such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Built-in AI

Achieve deep personalization without engineering with our built-in Machine Learning algorithms such as product recommendations, churn prediction (soon), propensity to purchase (soon) and many more.


Customer experience

Know who you're talking to.

Finally put the face to your customers' names and deliver an extraordinary experience through personalized websites. Track customer journeys and send valuable data about consumer behaviour back to your stack. Create campaigns your audiences really want to see!

User tagging

Dispatch your enriched data to your marketing stack and create effective campaigns with your favourite tools.

Profile API

Personalize your website experiences with our Profile API, which you can combine to tools such as Google Optimize or Google Tag Manager.

Quick setup, legendary results